Friday, April 1, 2011


Last week our son took us to an Ethiopian restaurant for lunch. I was very hesitant because i was sure that i will not get any vegetarian food there. My son & daughter-in law were very confident that it will be there. Surprise of surprises!!! There was not only vegetarian food available, they even had a big vegetarian combo meal.

The staple food of Ethiopia is Injera and Wat. Injera is a flat bread made of fermented grain which is indegenous of Ehiopia. It looks like a mixture of our Indian dosa & appam. Wat is their stew like side dish. A wat can be made of anything varying from vegetables, pulses & meat. I was really impressed by the selection they had in the vegetarian section. Most of the side dishes tasted very Indian. They had a wat made of pulses which tasted like our dal makhni. Then they had dishes made of dried peas, spinach, beans etc. Ethiopians believe in community eating. The plate is layered with a huge injera bread. All side dishes are served on top of it. Extra injera is served in a basket. Everybody sit in a circle & dip their hands in to the plate & eat. It was a wonderful experience & we all enjoyed it very much.