Monday, May 28, 2012


Finally, I've decided to come out of my hiatus & start putting posts in my blog.  I know that its a long gap & all of you would have got fed up waiting.  I hope i can make up for that by posting interesting recipes for you all.  Keep reading & encouraging me.  We have been travelling a lot domestically & visiting some interesting places in India.  One of the best places i visited is Amritsar - especially the Golden Temple.  Beautiful & serene.  Maintained spic & span by the temple authorities.  The public also chip in by doing voluntary service.  I also visited some century old temples of south India & was saddened by the way they are maintained.  Most of the temples have huge properties attached to them & get good revenue.  Still authorities are so callous & have an indifferent attitude towards the upkeep of the temples.   I hope they will change their attitude & try to improve the condition of our temples at least after seeing places like this.  

We also visited kullu & manali for a few days.  It was an enjoyable trip & we even got to do white water rafting.  My husband has put a post on this trip in his blog  Those interested can visit this site & read about this trip.

Will catch up with you all soon.


  1. Nice amma.... hope to see more posts from you... :)

  2. Welcome back Aunty :) I too have started blogging on sm recipes. But more than a harcore cooking blog, I have started entering information in it for my own reference in future. This food blog can be reached through the link - apart from the general blog I maintain at